Why Choose Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun?

First of all, let's popularize the role of a massage gun (for details, please refer to our other articles):
massage gun should be also called a muscle massager or fascia gun, a massage physiotherapy tool for muscle fascia relaxation, high-frequency vibration massage relaxes and relieves muscle soreness caused by exercise.
Fascia is a layer of tight connective tissue that runs through the body. It surrounds muscles, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. You can think of it as a spider web, the feeling of moving the whole body with a move.

When our body continues to maintain a certain movement, the elasticity of the fascia will become worse, and gradually become tenser and tenser. When there is dehydration, adhesion, and contracture, a series of strains and lesions will appear. Changes and damage to the fascia are the main causes of muscle pain. This physical method of massage promotes the exchange of fluid in the fascia and helps the metabolism to discharge, which can directly and effectively alleviate these adhesions and repair the damage of the fascia. It can be seen that the relaxation of the fascia is particularly important.

The high-frequency vibration of the fascia gun is fast and effective, easy to operate, and effective, so it is loved by everyone.

So in terms of function, the frequency and strength of the fascia gun are more important factors that affect the user experience.
Combined with our previous article, we mainly look at the following aspects when purchasing a massage gun
(1) Appearance
(2) Strike frequency
(3) Noise reduction performance
(4) Battery life
(5) Use experience
(6) After-sales service
(7) Cost performance

Why Choose Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun?

(1) Appearance

Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun is available in two colors, silver is fashionable and vibrant, and blue is elegant and calm. Its handle and massage head are all black. The fuselage of this fascia gun is quite good-looking, fashionable, and sporty, and the fuselage is rounded and has a good sense of connection. The size is also just right to hold, the grip feels better, and it is easy to use.

(2) Strike frequency

Strike frequency

Strike frequency is an important indicator of the fascia gun. Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun has 5 levels of intensity & adjustable to meet all your needs (1600-3200RPM/min) you can use high-level intensity to hit the place where there are many muscle groups and use low-intensity strength for fragile places.
Another thing to note is that the maximum speed of a professional massage gun will not exceed 3,600 revolutions per minute. If you have a massage gun that claims to exceed 3,600 rpm, you must purchase and use it carefully. Don't relax your muscles and hurt yourself instead. Studies have shown that when the vibration frequency is 22~50 Hz, that is when the rotation speed is 1100-3000 rpm, the firing frequency of nerve impulses is accelerated, the synchronization is enhanced, and the skeletal muscles resonate, which can effectively stimulate the body's metabolic level, thereby improving athletic ability. If the frequency of the vibration stimulation is too small, the effect on the human body is not obvious; and the vibration stimulation above 60 Hz (3600 rpm) will cause eyeball resonance, and the human body will have adverse reactions such as dysfunction of the nervous system and endocrine system.

(3) Noise reduction performance

Tested with a decibel meter, the initial ambient sound of the Blackleafus massage gun is about 35.

Comparing the noise measured with a decibel meter, the actual test result shows that the noise above 75 decibels is very loud, and the noise below 65 decibels is a relatively good level. Whether it is loud or not, it directly affects the experience of use. If the noise is too loud, we will feel very noisy and it is difficult to relax. And, if it is used in an office or public place, the noise will affect others, you can imagine driving a tractor.

(4) Endurance

battery life

Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun has done a good job in battery life. The capacitance is 3600mA, and the battery life is about 4-5 hours. Basically, you can charge it once a week.

(5) Use experience and after-sales service
Blackleafus provide after-sales service for a one-year warranty. In addition, it also provides 30 days no reason to return or refund, and the after-sales service is online for 24 hours to answer your questions. You can try it with confidence. There are many resources on the Internet, and there are instructional videos, which can teach us how to use this fascia gun properly.
Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun has a moderate strike force. As a popular product, it is not only suitable for daily fitness people to eliminate muscle fatigue after exercise and help muscle relaxation. And for people who do not have such a high exercise intensity, this fascia gun can also massage some weaker parts, which is just right. It is not too intense for girls, and it is very comfortable. The massage heads are also richer. There are four massage heads, which can meet the needs of different parts, different blow methods, and strengths.

(6) Cost-effective
Needless to say, all the above explanations are enough to prove that Blackleafus Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Gun is cost-effective. Why are you still hesitating? Now place an order and more discounts are waiting for you.

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