What is massage? And what kind of person needs a massage gun?

In recent years, using a massage gun as a muscle relaxer has become a popular trend. Relaxation is an indispensable part of the exercise. In addition to alleviating the fatigue of high-intensity exercise and relaxing the muscles, it can also give the muscles a full rest and reduce the pain. Before the massage gun came out, there was already a lot of relaxing equipment, the foam roller is classic and the fascia ball before. These relaxation equipment require human control. Most people feel that the relaxation is not in place, and the muscles still feel tense. The popularity of the massage gun is that it relies on a strong sense of vibration to relax the muscles. Besides, many people also think that buying a massage gun will make them look more professional.


What is fascia?

Fascia is the connective tissue that wraps all parts of the body. It covers the body wall, inserts into muscles, attaches to bones, and surrounds blood vessels. It is a three-dimensional network matrix that wraps, surrounds, protects, and supports the structure of the human body. Fascia itself has varying degrees of elasticity, can contract and relax, so it can respond to load, compression and stress. The main function of the fascia in the muscle is to reduce the friction between different muscle tissues and help them contract better. Studies have shown that the fascia can actively contract due to the presence of smooth muscle-like fibroblasts, thereby affecting musculoskeletal dynamics.


Can the massage gun relieve muscle soreness?

The first thing to understand is why the muscles are sore. In the process of exercise, the muscles are innervated by nerves. After exercise, the muscles can sometimes relax, but the nerves are still in a state of excitement. This may cause continuous tension and stiffness of the muscles and increase metabolic activity. When muscle metabolic activity increases, metabolites are produced. We often say that lactic acid is like this. The production of metabolites triggers pain-sensing cells in the muscles. Such pain will cause the muscles to continue to contract and cause tissue ischemia. Damaged muscle fiber cells cause ischemia and cause insufficient ATP supply, which is not conducive to local circulation.


On the other hand, it will reduce the oxygen supply of the muscle fiber tissue, aggravate the damage of the muscle fiber and form a vicious circle, and ultimately generate energy. Besides, in some high-intensity exercises or long-term fatigue of maintaining a posture, muscles and fascia are both Minor injuries may occur, and some people will also develop cord-like tissues in the fascia/muscle space. These tissues can also cause changes in the internal tension of the tissues, which can cause discomfort. During high-intensity exercise, the metabolism of energy substances in the body and the body's self-protection mechanism may also cause muscle/fascia discomfort. Metabolic crisis.


Understand the above two points, we can better understand how the massage gun uses the principle of muscle resonance to exert force on the fascia, and by this way, it can relax the muscles: the massage gun first acts on the surface of the muscle fascia, under the dual effects of physical stimulation and muscle warming, the elastic ductility of the muscle fascia will increase. The massage gun uses this principle to relax the body's muscles. Compared with the traditional vibrating foam roller, it is more accurate and can relax the target part of the body from all angles and relieve fatigue.


What kind of person needs a massage gun?

  1. Competitive needs

For example, boxers, basketball, or football players can use a fascia gun to relax their muscles during the intermission of the game, prevent the possibility of injury, and have better athletic performance.


  1. Auxiliary use by rehabilitation therapists

Rehabilitation therapists refer to professionals who have qualifications, learned relevant knowledge, obtained relevant certificates, or know how to conduct rehabilitation. It does not mean that you can relax by judging which muscle is weak and which muscle is tight. This requires a certain amount of knowledge for professional treatment.


  1. High-intensity trainers

In the gym, some barbell trainers have muscle soreness after completing high-intensity training. General stretching and foam roller relaxation cannot deeply relieve and relax the muscles. The massage gun can be said to be a good choice. The general massage gun has 3 different gears, for different degrees of muscle relaxation, some massage guns even have 5 gears, which are designed for professionals.


  1. Daily relaxation

In daily life, we have to go to work and study or do anything else. Even if we do nothing and maintain the same posture for a long time, we will feel partial muscle soreness. Proper relaxation can reduce the fatigue of the day and make people more relaxed.

Sitting in the office for a long time, sore back? Press with a massage gun. Shoulder and neck discomfort when watching your mobile phone? Press with a massage gun. Running, climbing, dancing square... Sore calves? Press with a massage gun. You deserve to have a massage gun.


Experts remind that even if it is massaging muscles, it should not be applied to elbows, bones, and other bony protruding parts, and cervical vertebrae, and other places where blood vessels and nerves are dense. At the same time, the time should not be too long, 3 to 5 minutes for one part, and special populations should be used under the guidance of a doctor. Children are in the growth and development period, and the elderly are osteoporotic, and the thickness and volume of muscles are different from those of adults. If they are used, they may have side effects. We recommend not to try these lightly. Neck pain and muscular pain may be a kind of disease. The diagnosis of the disease is unknown, and blind and inappropriate use can cause greater damage.


Massage gun does have the effect of relieving muscle soreness, but we must carefully read the instructions and related contraindications when using it. If you have any questions, you should ask the customer service in time, and don't mess with it yourself. Try to let it do its best to help you, not make you feel more headache.

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