Three Common Mistakes in using Message Gun

Blackleafus heated massage gun

Message gun is not only popular among sports lovers but even office workers. Because it can relax the muscles quickly, it can shorten the recovery time between two exercises to improve exercise efficiency, relax the shoulder and neck fatigue caused by sedentary sitting, and allow office workers to concentrate better. In just two years, message gun has become a net celebrity product from niche sports equipment, and its application is becoming more and more extensive. Although the use of a message gun seems simple, just tissue the body and muscles. However, there are many precautions for the use of a message gun, and sometimes it can even be dangerous when used improperly.

Three taboos of using message gun

1. Don't hit the bones, joints, neck

The working principle of the message gun is that the high-speed motor generates high-frequency vibration of the gun tip, which acts on the deep muscle fascia through the gun tip, thereby promoting blood circulation and reducing fascial tension. Mainly aimed at relaxing the muscles and soft tissues, for ordinary people without professional knowledge, it is very easy to cause damage when used on weak muscles such as the skeleton, joints, and neck. Besides, it is not recommended for infants, minors, pregnant women, people who wear pacemakers, folds, or have mineral contents in their bodies.

Body parts that should not be impacted with a fascia gun

Head. The head contains the five sense organs and the brain, as well as various acupuncture points. These are fragile and sensitive positions, which are vital parts for people. Therefore, it is forbidden to hit the head with a fascial gun.

The side of the neck. Blood vessels and nerves are widely distributed in this position, and the carotid sinus is in this position, which is relatively superficial and very sensitive to external mechanical compression.

Not recommended for groin use. Here, the lymph and ligaments are relatively weak, which can easily lead to groin injuries.

Underarms and inner forearms. These two places have rich body surface nerves so they are weak and sensitive.

Where the bone bulges. The spine, ankles, elbow joints, tail vertebrae, etc. have obvious bone bulges or joints and their surroundings. They cannot be hit with a fascia gun, which can easily cause pain and injury.

The knee and its surroundings. The knee is the most prone to sports injuries. The knee popliteal fossa has a popliteal artery, tibial nerve, common peroneal nerve, etc.

When using a message gun to relax the muscles, it is recommended to let the body reach a relaxed state, especially to relax the muscles. Otherwise, it may cause damage to tight muscles. And because there is no support, the legs will be swinging, and it is easy to hit the joints during use. For example, when sitting and using the fascia gun, do not hang your legs because the thigh muscles are tight when in the air.

2、Control the length of use

Some people may have a misunderstanding about the message gun and think that the longer the fascia gun is used, the better it will perform. It is not used as long as possible. The muscle groups of different parts are suitable for different massage times. The massage time for a different head is also different.

Take BLACKLEAFUS HEATED MASSAGE GUN as an example. It is equipped with five massage heads, the bullet head and spinal head (U-shaped) with a smaller contact area should be used for a shorter time, while the round head, heating head (Cylindrical), and flat head have a larger contact surface, the muscle strength is more even, so the use time can be slightly extended, but try not to exceed 2 minutes, and the daily repeated use interval is kept one to two hours to avoid damage to the muscles. When using it, follow the direction of the muscles, so remember the anatomical structure of the muscles you want to relax. Then choose different tips according to your relaxing part, there is no need to apply excessive force to press.

  • The bullet head is suitable for palms and soles, for deep tissue massage, and a precise message.
  • The U-shaped head, suitable for massaging the neck and spine, and can also be used on the shoulders and heads.
  • The round head is suitable for the muscles and fascia tissues of the whole body.
  • The cylindrical head, suitable for joints and palms, and joint hitting requires a professional operation.
  • The flathead, suitable for large muscle groups, the plastic texture is harder, the pressure is greater, and the muscle stimulation is deeper.

Those who have a physical illness or have experienced injuries should consult a doctor, rehabilitation practitioner, or coach. It is necessary to follow the guidance of professionals.

3. Control the intensity of the message gun

Using a fascia gun is not that the stronger the pain, the more effective it is. It should be used according to personal comfort. If you press too hard when using it, high shock waves and strong pressure on the skin may cause the epidermal tissue to appear bruised or even Will cause minor muscle lacerations.

Some poor message firearms are altered with electrical drills, jigsaws, and other decoration gear. They are not specifically designed for your body. Employing these low-cost products may easily induce muscle damage. Thus, when we purchase a message gun, we must select one with professional materials and a safety warranty. We have to use the message gun safely, and cannot modify it privately.

In addition to controlling the intensity of its use, the intensity of the fascia gun should also be selected. Here is an example of BLACKLEAFUS HEATED MASSAGE GUN. This message gun has five gears of intensity. There are gears suitable for daily massage and levels suitable for exercise and relaxation. 1600 RPM/min and 2000RPM/min – use to warm up before exercise, 2400RPM/min -- used to relax muscle tissue, 2800RPM/min -- used to deepen muscle soreness, 3200 RPM/min -- used to relax after intense exercise, the higher the speed, the stronger the impact will be. You should choose the appropriate gear according to your feelings.


Although the operation of the message gun is simple and convenient and effective, it is only a tool for relaxation. People with osteoporosis, too thin, and weak are best not to use it. Thin people use it can easily hit the bones. Besides, if there are fractures, lumbar muscle strains, arthritis, tenosynovitis, and other inflammatory diseases, it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible instead of using a message gun to avoid the trouble of medical treatment.

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