How to Do Muscle Relaxation Before and After Exercise?

People who haven't exercised for too long, if they go to the gym once in a while, will suffer from backache and leg pain the next day. This is caused by not doing a good job of muscle relaxation. No matter what kind of fitness exercise you do, it is very important to perform corresponding muscle relaxation before and after exercise.


Let’s take a look at some common muscle relaxation methods

Massage the muscles by pushing, kneading, pressing, and tapping to promote muscle blood circulation, so that the originally tense muscles are correspondingly relieved, and at the same time, the lactic acid produced by the body is smoothly discharged. There are many related warm-up exercises you can do before exercise. You can go to Google to search for it.

Taking a hot bath. After exercise, even taking a hot bath will help eliminate fatigue and physical recovery. It is recommended that the bath time be no longer than 20 minutes, which is more conducive to metabolism and restores the body to its original state.

 Having a good sleep. Good sleep is also necessary for muscle relaxation. During sleep, the metabolic rate is high, which is conducive to energy accumulation, so we must ensure a good quality of sleep.


Muscle relaxation after exercise

The muscle relaxation style after exercise allows the body to change from a tense to a static state. After strenuous exercise, the heart is still pumping blood to the exercise muscles. If you stop suddenly, it will reduce the blood return of the heart, and may also cause dizziness, black eyes, or even fainting shock under the action of gravity. Therefore, you must not stop immediately after strenuous exercise.

Doing a good job of muscle relaxation is to relax the muscles of the previous exercise, let the body parts slowly adapt to the stopped state, and inhale oxygen to supply the muscles needed for relaxation after exercise, and discharge carbon dioxide and other waste out of the body, allowing the original mental state of strenuous exercise Return to a relatively stable state.

 If there are symptoms of soreness, it means that there is an abnormality. At this time, it is necessary to relax the muscles to relieve the soreness and do the corresponding muscle relaxation and fatigue relief in time, which will also help the physical fitness to recover and exceed the previous level.

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