7 Tips to Choose the Best Massage Gun

Do you feel that your life is gradually losing control? In the increasingly busy work and study, there is also much housework. Sometimes when you want to exercise, you can't find the time and method. The most extravagant and easiest way may be to take a few steps downstairs.

Gradually, many people gave up exercise directly and chose to use artificial massage instead of exercise, although they felt that their bodies became more relaxed. But it also takes a lot of spare time.

The distressing thing is that if you have no time or money to exercise, or you have to spend time and money to massage, is there a simple, convenient, and cheap way? It is better to buy a massage machine, such as a small massage gun, to easily solve the troubles of massage. It can relax the superficial and deep muscles and myofascial membranes, and achieve the effect of solving neck and shoulder pain and correcting the shape of the legs!

What is the principle of the fascia gun?

The principle of fascia gun relaxing muscles comes from deep muscle stimulation therapy (DMNS). High-frequency vibrations can deepen the tension of the muscles, reduce the soreness of the dimensional accumulation of lactic acid, and stimulate the proprioceptive function, thereby effectively alleviating the muscle tension and achieving the purpose of pain relief. If the maximum number of vibrations per minute for deep muscle stimulation is 3,600 times/min, and the depth of 20-60mm directly hits the lesion, the effect of effectively relaxing the muscle can be achieved. Of course, it can also be used when you have cramps. Demand determines the market, and the same applies to individuals. If you need to relax your muscles, you need a massage gun!

How to buy a massage gun?

Most people who use massage guns are gym coaches and fitness enthusiasts, followed by sub-healthy people with neck and shoulder pain. But now the massage gun is used as a massager in people's daily life, which is very convenient. However, there are many different functions of massage guns on the market, and how to choose them becomes very important. Here are some tips for choosing.

Let’s take the BLACKLEAFUS Heated Massage Gun at  as an example.Blackleafus heated massage gun



The first point: to distinguish the quality of a product, the first thing you can tell is the design of the appearance. From here, we can see that this fashionable and elegant massage gun is a mid-to-high-end product. Its design and visual experience can tell that the grade of this massage gun will not be too low.


Usually, a good fascia gun, its voice must be very small, because of the brushless motor, the smaller the sound, the higher the quality of the brushless motor. The sound detection of this fascia gun is within 35dB-50dB decibels, which is lower than the voice of normal people. It can be used anytime and anywhere without worrying about disturbing others.


Because of the constant hitting motion, the operation of the brushless motor will drive the entire body to vibrate in the opposite direction. This is also the way the body protects and balances, but the more obvious the amplitude, the worse the experience. This is also a manifestation of the shock absorption ability. Some products will increase the weight of the product to reduce resonance, but they cannot last for a long time. Without a scientific shock absorption design, all drawbacks will eventually appear. The vibration amplitude of this BLACKLEAFUS Heated Massage Gun is very small, and it is hardly felt. I have to say that the shock absorption design is well done.

Massage Heads

Of course, the more massage heads are better, because they can relax the muscle groups in different positions. BLACKLEAFUS Heated Massage Gun has a total of five massage heads. The heated massage head is used for; the round massage heads, which are suitable for a wide range of muscle groups such as the chest, legs, and back; flat head massage heads are suitable for all parts; bullet massage heads It is suitable for the position and shape of the Achilles tendon on the back of the neck and legs; the spinal massage head is suitable for small-range muscle groups such as the palms and soles of the feet.

Battery Capacity

If you use a massage gun to relax at home, you will not consider the battery life. But if it is frequently used when carried out, the battery capacity is an important parameter in choosing a fascia gun.
Many people think that the longer the battery life is, the better. This idea is not wrong. The longer the battery life, the more happiness the user can get... But in fact, it is not the case. It is limited by the size of the massage gun and the current battery level. The battery endurance level does not differ too much, generally within a few hours.

This massage gun equipped with a 2,600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for 3-5 hours (varies by speed) under a full charge of about 180 minutes.
Besides, users have to be careful when they see the following description, 14 hours of battery life, this must be false propaganda.

Intensity Speeds

Modern people’s common stiff shoulders and necks, back pain, or muscle soreness after exercise can all be relaxed with a massage gun. The adjustment of multiple gears is suitable for the needs of different groups of people. Generally, if the fascia gun has 4 to 6 gears, it is fine.
This message gun has five speeds of intensity. There are speeds suitable for a daily massage, exercise warm-up, and muscle relaxation. 1600 RPM/min and 2000RPM/min suitable for warm-up before exercise, 2400RPM/min used to relax muscle tissue, 2800RPM/min used to deepen relief muscle soreness, 3200 RPM/min suitable for relaxing after intense exercise, the higher the speed, the stronger the impact will be, but this does not mean the greater the intensity, the better the effect, you should choose the appropriate speed according to your feelings.


There are many things to pay attention to in the use of massage gun, as well as safety issues and improper use may lead to consequences, all of which require an after-sales guarantee for the products we buy. Otherwise, when we bought it but couldn't use it, or we bought it and found it was not very suitable for us, and we couldn't return it, we would lose out. This massage gun comes with a 30-day unconditional money-back, 12-month warranty, and 7*24h customer service.


Although the massage gun is good, you should choose carefully when you buy it, and don't buy fake and shoddy products in a muddle. The above gave you a detailed introduction to the tips on how to choose a suitable fascia gun, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. It is convenient for everyone to identify the quality of the product without too much professional knowledge when choosing a massage gun.

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